What would a bachelor’s apartment look like?

What would a bachelor's apartment look like?

A bachelor’s apartment is usually one that is not to be visited without giving prior notice. There are several reasons for this and there have been experiences with a friend who is a bachelor. Once, thinking better of it, I decided to go as a surprise, but it backfired as I was the one who got the surprise. He lived in one of those apartments in Birmingham Alabama, and it was surely a sight to behold, upon entering.

Generally speaking, bachelors do not have the time, money or the patience to look at their homes twice, forget even initiating any changes. These apartments are mostly filthy, smelly, have creatures flying all around, and are untidy and unorganized. Home delivered meals result in pizza boxes and burger wrappers lying around, and not in the dustbin. Clothes are almost always on the floor, together with keys, wallets, shades, and other such important stuff. The bed is always unmade, and the bathrooms are smelly. Kitchens could have cockroaches and such ground creatures, and the dining table, if there is one, never has any space on it, and contains things that are not for that table. It also works as an office table, or workstation. In short, the apartment could be anything but an apartment, as the only habitable place would be the bed.

Things are not that bad as it sounds, as not all bachelors maintain their homes in this manner. However, the majority does. Generally, they cannot be blamed for keeping the home in this manner, as they are out the whole day at office, and when home, can only see the bed. The friend recently had a hard time searching for some papers as the whole area under the bed was an oasis of papers. Apartment documents, telephone documents, internet papers, office papers, university research papers, there were a whole lot there, and he was searching for a little blue slip of paper. Luck was in his favor, as he found it after a good three days of searching, which was better than the last time that took two weeks.

Besides finding lost stuff, these apartments are almost always in the dire need of a cleanup. Even after the house help has cleaned up, vacuumed, swept, mopped, disinfected, it still seems like nothing has been done. The reason being unorganized things scattered around. Nothing has its fixed place here and everything has a fixed place everywhere. The watches are always on the dining table, and the belts are always on the ground near the bed. The clothes are always on the chair, and the coat rack is always empty. the cupboard thrlsdkjfThe cupboards sometimes hold water bottles and the shoes are always out of the rack, all eight pairs. Summing up, it can be rightly said that no one can clean the bachelors apartment in a day and it would take weeks of organizing to get the apartment look anything like home.