How to manage the internal temperature of the apartment against winter

How to manage the internal temperature of the apartment against winter

A friend once had to make a shift to another continent for work related purposes and there were several changes he noticed with regards to the weather. As it was a cold country, the apartment had a mini fireplace, the windows were jam closed, and the flooring was wooden, with carpets. There were water heaters at all places, like the bathroom and kitchen.

Several methods could be employed to keep the apartment warm. Even with closed windows, warm air could escape from small gaps between the window frame and the wall. To keep the apartment warm, all gaps should be sealed by using a durable metal or plastic weather-stripping between the window and the frame. All windows where the air could escape from a loose pane could be taped or caulked to keep the cold air out. These same methods apply to the doors also, to help keep the warm air in. Taping the edges of the door frames and wall to cover any gaps will help greatly. Also, majority of the air escape happens from the spaces under the door. This could be solved by using a door stopper or door sweep to avoid any escape. Additionally, weatherproofing the apartment will help greatly, by reducing heating costs other costs.

Getting a humidifier will also help to keep the air warmer inside the home. Keeping hot baths, by using the water heaters will keep warmth in the body. Also, using sweaters and mufflers at all times is a good option. Additionally, thick rugs and carpets all around the home will be a good option to try, for increased warmth. Covering windows with additional plastic will help insulate one of those apartments in Birmingham Alabama. Arranging the home such that all heavy furniture like book cases and sofa sets are against the exterior walls, will help to block the cold from the walls. Also, using thick tapestry or curtains for the windows is a good idea. Keeping the thermostat on will also help in many ways.

Blocking the outside cold by keeping the warmth inside is fine, but using additional heating devices to heat the apartment from within could pose many hazards like fire or explosions and hence should be used very carefully. Artificial heaters, water heaters, thermostats, and heat from running waters and ovens can pose several dangers. Every heating device should be used carefully and under supervision, as leaving those unattended could cause calamities. This being said, employing methods to keep the warmth inside the apartment is an easier and safer option, especially in households with young children.

Following these tips will allow you to avoid any troubles regarding maintaining a suitable temperature of your apartment’s interior during the winter season.